Solar Hot Water Systems


SOLENE Solar Hot Water Systems are a great way to start in renewable energy!


ENTEC Drain-Back System

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This drain-back system is perfect for house holds with 3-5 occupants. ENTEC will replace your current hot water heater with a solar tank by AO Smith. It’s easy, no maintenance, and reliable! Perfect for your home and easily expandable for your business!

This system starts at $4,200.00 installed!!

ENTEC Closed-Loop System

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Closed Loop


ENTEC’s closed loop system is designed for home of 4-6 people. ¬†An 80 gallon AO Smith SunX-80 is installed along with the panel and piping to give the most efficient water heating possible!

The ENTEC Closed Loop system starts at $4,600.00 installed!

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Rebates available depending on location!

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