The #1 Solar Pool Heat System In The World


    • Heliocol Solar Pool Heaters are the strongest, most durable and superior crafted panel on the market.
    • No other product warrantee can come close to a Heliocol!
    • Heliocol panels produce more energy per square foot than any other panel!
    • Heliocol panels DO NOT require straps AND require LESS roof penetrations than any other product on the market!

The NEW Eco-Spark panel has a 30% HIGHER output than any product on the market!

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  • Patented Construction Guaranteed to out preform any other product on the market!
  • 2012s InterSolar’s Most Innovative Product!
  • ENTEC Solar Solutions is proud to be the factory authorized installer for the HELIOCOL and ECO-Spark products

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      • SunStar’s innovative manufacturing process allows the individual tube to expand and contract lessening the wear and tear of time on your system
      • The individual tube design eliminates wind load, certifying that SunStar collectors will withstand hurricane force winds!
      • SunStar collectors, when installed, have no gaps between collectors and no visible installation hardware. This makes a SunStar installations simple, sleek and aesthetically pleasing.
      • SunStar is manufactured by the worlds #1 pool heating manufacturer. This means a SunStar system is a system you know you can trust!

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