Why we care…

The cheapest Kilowatt Hour is the one that you don’t buy!

It’s as simple as that! EVERYONE can afford to save energy!


ENTEC Energy Audit

ENTEC offers our clients The ENTEC ENERGY AUDIT. Our audit allows us see where their money goes and  offer solutions to help reduce energy consumption. Addressing energy efficiency offers an immediate savings and will assist in making decisions for renewable energy system!

HERS Ratings

ENTEC is now offering HERS ratings for our clients to verify energy efficiency. HERS ratings are a great way for those that have focused on energy efficiency to prove the effectiveness of the work that has been accomplished. Ratings are great for home sellers and realtors as well as energy conscious property owners.

Solar Attic Fans


ENTEC offers the Natural Light Solar Attic Fan, the best solar powered attic fan on the market. The fan is designed to move just enough air from the attic space to keep the area as cool as possible. This helps your HVAC system perform better which keeps your home cooler and more comfortable for you and your family!

CREE LED Lighting


LED lighting offers incredible savings over incandescent and florescent lights in your. Offering LED solutions allows ENTEC to address every aspect of your energy consumption.

TED The Energy Detective


The TED Energy Monitor allows our customers an immediate, visual conformation of their savings. It also allows them to see where their energy is going and how much it costs them. Step one to any process is gathering the information to make future decisions. The TED is step 1! The virtual interface lets you see as much information about your home consumption as you could ever want!

largeTED 5000-G

ENTEC is adding proven products regularly, so check in again to see what else you may be able to use to reduce your energy consumption!

Control your monthly budget and start saving today!

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